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How often should I clean my bike?

Rather than take an approach based on time, it simply is when your bike needs it, and when does your bike need it? Usually when you have ridden in the wet, any time you ride trails, when dust and road grime have built up, or when your chain has accumulated grit and grime. The cleaner you keep the moving parts of your drive chain, the easier the bike is to ride and the less long term maintenance you will be required to do. And of course, riding a clean bike feels faster.

If I wash my bike often is using water OK?

Cleaning your bike on a regular basis using water is no problem, as long as you keep the water pressure down. The excitement of high pressure hosing will soon make way for maintenance headaches, as the high water pressure forces its way into bearings and seals. Bikes are designed to get wet, but not to be blasted, so as long as you keep the pressure down on the hose. Let the PEDALIT cleaning products do their work, and use a watering can or low pressure hose to wash off.

Why use specialist bike cleaning products?

Specialist bike products are formulated to be tough on dirt and grime, but careful on all your various high performance materials and surfaces. What you are more than likely to grab from the garage or kitchen is either too aggressive, such as caustic or petroleum based or home grade cleaners that simply won’t remove what you require. Aggressive cleaners attack surfaces, which immediately after cleaned, can make them look shinny and clear of dirt, but soon tarnish and are a sign of future issues.

Why use specialist brushes?

PEDALIT bike brushes come in 3 sizes, each designed for a specific purpose, with a bristle hardness to match. They do the job they are meant to, and are part of your cleaning kit that doesn’t disappear off to do other jobs and never there when you need them!

How long should a bike take to clean?

Check out our guide, but if you stay on top of the dirt and grime, 10 minutes.

What are the basics I need to wash a bike?

Access to water, RESURRECTION Bike Degreaser and SPLENDOR Bike Wash, bucket, brush, cloths and sponge. For those looking for extra shine and protection, GLORY Bike Shine will delight.

How do I clean handle bar tape and brake hoods?

RESURRECTION is the perfect product for handle bar tape and hoods. As a safe biodegradable degreaser spray on, gently scrub with a clean brush, and rinse. Trust where you put your hands to RESURRECTION.



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