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Cycling + Mental Health

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Mental Health is dynamic, not stagnant. I have good days and bad days. Actually - it's not dissimilar to racing a pushbike. Some days you are on top of the gear, you feel good, strong, in control. Other days - your tongue is hanging out your left ear, your cross-eyed and never on top of anything. You’re desperately trying just to survive.


In those bad patches, the good days become hard to remember. The struggle clouds your memory. You start to believe that your tongue has always come out your ear and that seeing double is normal. All those times you did feel in control? Well - they may as well be dreams. They are foggy and seem completely unrelated to who you are today.


We find it hard to focus on anything other than the here and now. We toss the memory of good days aside and settle in - tissues in hand - to the belief bright times are gone for good. Vanished, stolen, simply gone away.


Depression and anxiety, they are sneaky and deceptive. They live to confuse and intimidate. The fist key to fighting them is to know who they are and recognize their strategy. Their game is to lie and lie again and again. Until you’re so saturated by the lies that you start to believe them. They twist every thought and leave you feeling paralysed and alone.


You’re not alone. That is the real truth. Studies suggest that 1 in 4 Australians will struggle with a mental health issue at some time in their lives. Be aware - for yourself, and for those you love. Don't fight alone. Seek help. There are plenty of opportunities to learn more about yourself and those around you.


PEDALIT has made a wonderful decision to use their platform to open the conversation and increase awareness of Mental Health. I'm proud of and thankful for the opportunity to share with you some of my journey over the coming months! As PEDALIT goes from strength to strength,

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