Why Natural Matters

I’ve never been one for conspiracy theories, I understand why things are changing, and I understand the power of large organisations and their marketing prowess. I just now find myself needing to make more educated choices.

I’ve also never been one to harp on about the good old days, I much prefer the bike I ride today than the one 30 years ago. I don’t long for uncomfortable shorts and baggy hot jerseys or my mums hand knitted arm warmers. I have moved on and get hooked on every product innovation.

But some things have changed. I have lost a great deal of trust in what I find in mainstream food and cosmetic channels. The endless cycle of hard core commercial realities no longer make these environments a safe destination for the average consumer, and even more challenging for someone with a desire to stay fit and healthy.

Quality comes at a price, and unfortunately for us as consumers the volume for suppliers and retailers sits at the lower cost end of the market. In our food, high quality and expensive ingredients have been substituted for chemical make goods, and in most cases, sugar. Even our so called healthy or low fat choices are pumped with sugars to meet our changing palate.

In our cosmetics, natural oils are replaced with synthetics, why? Because chemical synthetics are cheaper, not a technological advancement. A great example is shampoo, with numerous created product features to lure the consumer, dryness, dandruff, dry ends, all a by-product of removing natural oils. Artificial scents replace oils and ingredients, but don’t replace the natural protection and remedies these products deliver.  And where natural ingredients are present, they are at such a small volume they simply ineffective and there for marketing.  

I’m sorry, I don’t trust the spin from the corporate commercial engine, and there are large companies I simply feel have lost credibility.  I am, more than ever, what I eat and what my body absorbs. It matters to me, because things have changed. As a cyclist, we expose ourselves on a regular basis, at times pushing our bodies in the full spectrum of conditions and lower immunity. I believe this is the time we need to care for our bodies, not a time for compromises.

This year I can celebrate 37 years on the bike, I love the life of a cyclist, I want to ride for at least another 37, don’t let the wheels stop spinning. I know I can’t ride or look like a 20-year-old anymore, but nor do I want to look or feel old before my time. I want a sunscreen that protects me, I want products with natural oils, and ingredients that naturally prepare me and give resistance. Making the most of your riding pushes every part of you, that’s the challenge we love. Many of us are making choices about our bodies daily, I wanted to include the bodies largest organ in mine, the skin.

At PEDALIT we promise you our products are without gimmick, cost cutting ingredients or fillers. Natural and organic ingredients, not substitutes. We will never compromise you the cyclist. For us the reality is most of these products will only be sold online, direct to you. Why? They simply are expensive to manufacture, and although we are a premium brand, we want to make them affordable, and we will not take short cuts.  You could say our Body Care Range is a personal passion.

December 03, 2016 by Team PEDALIT

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