Paul van der Ploeg - Giant

Why do we love Paul van der Ploeg? It's his approach to life.

In these parts.. Albury / Alpine District, the Van der Ploeg family are legends for getting out and embracing all cycling disciplines at every level, with humility and a sense of adventure. Here is how Paul describes himself;

"I'm an international cyclist who competes in Australia and around the world. Since 2006 I have been addicted to cycling and the lifestyle associated with being a cyclist. As the youngest of 5 boys I have always been striving to be better and challenge myself to get the most out of what I do. It doesn't matter if I am Mountain biking on the world cup circuit, or racing a club dirt crit. As long as I'm on my bike and around vivacious and energetic people.... I'm happy."

A World Champion at Eliminator in 2013, multiple National Champion, but most importantly, a guy that loves riding bikes, and having fun.

August 27, 2016 by Team PEDALIT