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When my parents bought me a 10 speed at age 13, it was the start of a life long cycling journey. Soon I found other friends with bikes, and a few of us would get together to ride down to use the cycling track when no one was on it. One thing lead to another, and I found myself on the start line in my first road race. I was hooked. When I look back on those early days of riding and racing, what stands out for me the most, was the feeling that I had entered a hidden universe. Cycling was a fringe sport, whose power base was on the other side of the world in Europe. Knowledge was in the ride community, clubs, Sunday training rides, bike shops and old cyclists. No internet, paid coaches or pay per ride to learn.

Fast forward to today. PEDALIT is as much a passion for sharing knowledge, as a passion for the products that care for us as cyclists. In fact it is all about passing on knowledge, to all cyclists, regardless of where, how fast, and how often you ride. If anything today is information overload, and sometimes you just need some simple advice or one or two tips to get you underway.

So to the PEDALIT community, if you need some tips, some advice or help, whether to do with our products, or your riding, contact us. It would be a pleasure to assist,  Consider us the old cyclists on your ride group!

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 We look forward to sharing our knowledge.


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