Our Bike Care

We take Bike + Body Care extremely seriously, why? We never felt anyone else did.

In Bike Care, either products were over diluted and too weak, or aggressive caustic or petroleum based price fighters that cut into the layers of your bike finishes, rough on you using them and killed your grass. Polishes were either too weak or too aggressive, and not suited for matte finishes.

So we went out and partnered up with experts in formulating products specifically for high performance, with low surface impact. With 20 years of R&D, testing and selling into multiple industries, we were taking the best and most trusted elements from proven products in numerous applications, and applying the technology to a new industry.

Pedalit products are your high-performance partner, the best ingredients in proven formulas at an Australian made local price. Then we support the products with premium accessories at direct to you prices.


#Our products are not tested on animals and all ingredients such as foaming agents are sourced from renewable plant based materials

Firstly, Degreasers and Washes do two different jobs, therefore they are different products, but here is what they have in common.

# Biodegradable – No more killing grass

# High concentrated in 1 Litre bottles - So you only use what you need and its great value

# All surface safe – It is all surface safe, and degreasers without taking layers off your surface finishes

Here is what you get when you use Resurrection Bike Degreaser

# A water-soluble degreaser - Tough on all oils, grease and grime

# Food grade – That means it is totally safe on you, and great for cleaning absolutely anything

And with Splendor Bike Wash

# Non-silicone with no phosphorus high lustre finish – Perfect for frequent use on all surfaces

Glory Bike Polish

#  Contains no harmful fumes, abrasives, waxes or acids

# All surface safe and sensational on matte carbon

# Great for shoes and helmet

# Leaves no film or residue

# Can be diluted 3 to 1 so great value

# Repels dust, dirt and grime, and resists scratches, marks, smudges, water spots and finger marks

Ride a clean bike and ride safe!

March 15, 2017 by Team PEDALIT