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Bike Chain Lube Legend - PEDALIT
$19.95 AUD

Bike Chain Lube Legend

  • The ultimate wet bike chain lube 

  • High performance bike chain lube under low and high power loads in all conditions
  • Anti Pitting Technology

  • Friction modifiers to reduce your watts wastage 
  • Over 80 chain lubes in every bottle

  • Accurate application and reduced wastage with syringe applicator

A little goes a very long way. The 100% high performance synthetic oil with anti-pitting technology, that maintains a thin film on the drive chain, in the most extreme of conditions that any ride can throw at it. On or off road, mud, sleet, rain or heat, it’s the stuff of legends, it simply won’t let you down. Let the multiple EP additives maintain and protect your precious drive chain and enjoy maximum power returns from your input. Smooth and quite drive chains on every ride. Don’t stop at your chain, if it moves, lube it, and with Legend it stays lubed. Pedalit Bike Chain Lube.