We are cyclists. Spanning across two generations, our small team, can claim over 75 years of collective cycling experience, on and off road, as well as triathlon. 

Our team aims to give you the very best in Bike + Body products, and on the journey, share as much of our knowledge as we can. 

We believe bike degreasers and cleaners should care for your bike and the world you ride in. To us biodegradable matters. Our bike cleaning products are high grade, high concentration and biodegradable, with a quality of clean that will have you loving the ride. Harsh or aggressive products may save in the short term, but come at a greater long term cost for your bike, and the beautiful country we ride in. 

Our Body Care products combine the ultimate in natural and organic ingredients to protect, lavish and pamper you the rider. We believe the care you take with your health and well-being, should extend to what you apply on your body. 

Not only does Australian made support local business, but saves you money. Because our care products are made local and not imported, we have created a range that delivers great value, to you the rider. The very best product in true Aussie style, mate’s rates. Great care products should never be luxury items.

Completing our range, are accessories you need to make the most of your ride. You have heard the stories that everything comes from the same factories? Our product sourcing experience delivers you quality products at great prices, without major overseas brands pocketing the premium for the sake of a label or expensive packaging. expect to see great products at great prices. 

Proud to be an Albury based, Australian cycling brand, that puts cyclists down under first. 

Enjoy your ride.