Bike Cleaners

Although cycling is an athletic sport, it is also very much an equipment based sport too, and basic habits in bike care and maintenance are just as much a part of the ride as sweating up a climb. The rule is simple, NEVER ride a dirty bike.

A dirty bike has a higher maintenance cost than a clean one and a poorly maintained bike is more likely to leave you sitting road side waiting for a lift home. 

So here are the PEDALIT bike wash tips:

RESURRECTION Bike Degreaser & SPLENDOR Bike Wash are formulated to be safe on all surfaces, ensuring your equipment is protected at all times. We recommend cleaning mountain bikes after every ride and road bikes as required or when exposed to rain and mud.

  1. Rinse – Hose down the bike to remove all excess grit and dirt. It also pays to give all your brushes and sponges a rinse too. This ensures no left over grit from the last wash that may scratch your bike.

  2. RESURRECTION | Bike Degreaser – Spray on RESURRECTION Bike Degreaser to all areas covered in oil, grime and tough dirt. Leave to penetrate for a few minutes, then use a firm bristled brush to remove stubborn grime. For chains that need more attention use a chain cleaning tool with a small amount of RESURRECTION Bike Degreaser inside. Hose off. As a water based degreaser, RESURRECTION Bike Degreaser is totally safe on all surfaces, so use all over the bike if required. 

  3. SPLENDOR | Bike Wash – Now that all obvious oil and grime has been removed, give the whole bike the wash treatment with a frame brush or sponge. Make sure you clean the braking surfaces of the wheels and the brake pads or discs. Hose off and dry all over with soft cloth.

  4. GLORY | Bike Shine & Protect – Once your bike is completely dry, add a small amount of GLORY Bike Shine to a clean cloth. Spot shine your frame and components for added protection and gloss shine.

  5. Re-lube - It is key to not over lube, so follow the instructions of your chosen PEDALIT Bike Lube.