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The Pedalit Philosophy


For you is it more than just a ride on a bike? If so, welcome to PEDALIT. For us a ride is not an activity, it’s a feeling, that really cannot be justified by words. We care for the ride and respect the world we ride in; we want to protect that feeling. 

There is nothing new about the PEDALIT philosophy, it was passed on to us, we are simply passing it on to you. We never rode the best equipment, or were world champions, but what we did have, was a respect for all the elements that equate to, being a cyclist. It is a unique relationship we all have with our bikes, our bodies and our environment. 

We were taught how to care for ourselves, as at times we were going to push our own boundaries, and leave ourselves exposed. We were taught to care for our bikes, and fell in love with the feeling of riding a clean and maintained bike. And of course we fell in love with the places a bike takes you and the new relationship you form with the places you ride.

Cycling is a solid investment, time, money and effort, though the returns are great. Preparation and care will give you every opportunity to make each ride memorable. Most of us have to manage our cycling time, and every ride minute is precious, why compromise what we love by not taking care of the ride? Care was not the place for shortcuts or compromises.  

The PEDALIT range is the culmination of lessons learned and wisdom passed on over the years. The products have been carefully produced to cater to the often unforgiving nature of the sport. There is nothing more pleasing than a beautifully maintained bike, or wearing clothing that fits and all day comfort in the saddle.  

The journey for us at PEDALIT started over 35 years ago when cycling found us. Surrounded by old cyclists it was inevitable. With cycling is it is not just a single element you fall in love with, it’s a huge collection of experiences.

The PEDALIT team spans two generations of cyclists now, though in respect to those who taught us, it’s three. We are very proud to present PEDALIT products; we know you will love them, because if you made it to here, then we know you share our beliefs, and the feeling.

Albury based, love the country we share to bike, hike and swim.