Care for Performance Sportswear

If you ride in track pants and a shower jacket, keep putting it in the washing machine, but if you have invested in cycling performance wear then read on.

You want fast form fitting and colourful, you have invested in the high tech fabrics, cuts and stitching from some of the worlds leading manufacturers, then you put it in the washing machine... They even tell you on the label.

Performance cycling wear needs to be hand washed to maintain form, fit and fabric integrity. Also choosing a low irritant, anti bacterial properties, with colour fasteners and odour removers is key to the longevity of the garments.

If you don't want wizard sleeves or rear end peep shows then here's the basic tips for hand washing and keeping the cycling wardrobe looking glam.

1. Soak garment in Pedalit Revival

2. With you as the agitator, work the garment gently to remove all dirt, body fats and odours

3. Rinse and gently hand wring dry

4. Hang to dry. Ensure short pads are out of direct sun

Easy, no excuses! New habit.