Bike Degreaser and wash

Why Use Specialised Bike Care Products?

So you have been using dishwashing liquid and spray degreaser on your bike? Why Change?

In bike care, as with most things, what appears to be a cheaper option in the short term, can create greater expense long term.

Today’s bikes are high tech machines. We want lighter and faster, more gears and changes that don’t miss a beat. For so many of us, the time we spend on the bike is one of the most enjoyable times of the week, so why compromise on how we care for our equipment?

Aggressive cleaners, such as caustic and petroleum based are cheaper to produce, but are not safe long term for your bike. These products look great value on the shelf, but what is mass produced to clean a car, or do the dishes, is not intended for high end carbon and alloy performance equipment.

Although the results can sometimes look impressive, they often clean by stripping the outer layer of finishes and protective coatings. Harsh on alloys and gel coats, these short term gains are not great for your precious machine long term. If you killing grass each time you cleaning your bike, then you are doing similar unseen damage to your bike.

At the other end of the scale, poor performing cleaners simply move the grease and dirt around, leaving drive chains and critical parts of your machine grinding like sand paper.

Biodegradable matters. Paying the little extra to maintain your bike to a professional standard not only enhances your cycling enjoyment, but is not flushing long term dollars and short term pain down the drains.

Do it right and do it often, enjoy riding a clean and well maintained bike.