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Hand-Wash Performance Sportswear

REVIVAL sportswear handwash is your new laundry friend for everything performance in your wardrobe. The natural hardworking ingredients of REVIVAL works a wonder on your performance sports wear, with you as the agitator.

REVIVAL contains a blend of plant based high performance surfactants with built in stain removing properties to help remove body fats and odours built up during those long rides. REVIVAL is enhanced with optical brighteners to keep clothes bright and colourful for longer.

You don't put a Ferrari through an automatic car wash, so don't put your precious ride gear through the machine. As a premium concentrate, REVIVAL will take care of your sportswear, keeping it clean, fresh and importantly for shorts, hygienic. No more wizards sleeves or peep shows on the road.

1 Litre Bottle 

Sportswear Performance Clothing Hand Wash | Concentrate

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