The pack your bike wants you to buy

Australia's bike degreaser 1 litre x 2 

Something so powerful is also so safe, in fact food grade safe. Harsh and aggressive degreasers attack the surface, lifting a layer of the surface, that over time deteriorates the finish and integrity of your bikes surfaces.

  • Water based biodegradable concentrate - 3:1 For degreasing, 20:1 for General cleaning
  • Totally safe to degrease bike without removing chain
  • Safe on all surfaces, including your handle bar tape, saddle etc
  • Biodegradable, it won't kill your grass
  • Awesome value can make up to 20 Litres

Australia's premium bike wash 1 Litre x 1

Pedalit Bike Wash is the premium bike wash that will keep your bike looking like new. Unlike other products, Pedalit bike wash does away with caustic and aggressive elements like phosphorus and silicone that will damage surfaces.

Play it safe with your bike wash and choose Pedalit, your first choice for cleaning and protecting. Pedalit bike wash is safe on you, your bike and the environment.

Choose Pedalit bike wash for your frequent use all surface safe bike cleaner.

Best value concentrate 

The Bike Wash Super Deal | Bike Degreaser and Wash

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