Brush + Drive Chain Set

$49.95 AUD $34.95 AUD

Drive Chain Brush

Frame Brush

Component + Hub Brush

Premium Chain Tool

Pedalit VGrip Stay Protector

Premium Chain Holder



All you need in one great offer to keep your bike looking amazing. It's not about having the best bike, it's about having the best cared for bike, and this pack is a great start. Use RESURRECTION Bike Degreaser Biodegradable with your Drive Chain Brush + Premium Chain Cleaning Tool for a glistening and smooth drive chain. Make the job even easier buy using the Premium Chain Holder. Then follow up with SPLENDOR Bike Wash Biodegradable with your Component + Hub Brush, finishing off with the luxurious Frame Brush for a glamour finish.  And to keep that rear end looking great, use the Pedalit VGrip Stay Protector to stay chip free.. Looking and feeling fast already.