Ultimate Starter Pack

$119.00 AUD $79.95 AUD


RESURRECTION | Bike Degreaser Biodegradable 1 Litre X 2

SPLENDOR | Bike Wash Biodegradable 1 Litre

GLORY | Bike Shine Trigger 250ml

ABITH | Workshop Hand Cleaner 500ml

REVIVAL | Clothing Hand Wash 1 Litre

FKB Legend Lube | 125ml Plus Applicator


Go cleaning crazy with the Get Real Serious Pack, everything you need to be the master of your own awesomely clean bike and the receiver of endless compliments from fellow riders. 

The water based RESURRECTION Bike Degreaser is safe on you, all surfaces of your bike and the environment. For the toughest jobs, use neat or up to a 3:1 ratio. For general washing, use a 20:1 ratio. RESURRECTION Bike Degreaser will leave your drive train sparkling like new. Use your Chain Cleaning Tool and Claw Drive Chain Brush for an awesome clean.

SPLENDOR Bike Wash is an everyday cleaning product that will keep your bike looking like new. Unlike other products, SPLENDOR does away with caustic and aggressive elements like phosphorus and silicone that will damage surfaces. SPLENDOR is safe on you, your bike and the environment. Get stuck in with the Hub + Component brush and pamper with the Frame Brush. Use a 20:1 ratio.

GLORY can be used neat or diluted up to 3:1 on all surfaces, including matte carbon, aluminium, chrome and plastics. GLORY will protect and shine any clean surface for the ultimate finish, even your bike shoes! GLORY is the ultimate finishing product for your two wheeled investments. 

FKB LEGEND LUBE A little goes a very long way. The 100% high performance synthetic oil with anti-pitting technology, that maintains a thin film on the drive chain, in the most extreme of conditions that any ride can throw at it. On or off road, mud, sleet, rain or heat, it’s the stuff of legends, it simply won’t let you down. Let the multiple EP additives maintain and protect your precious drive chain and enjoy maximum power returns from your input. Smooth and quite drive chains on every ride. Don’t stop at your chain, if it moves, lube it, and with Legend it stays lubed.

REVIVAL CLOTHING HAND WASH contains a blend of plant based high performance surfactants with built in stain removing properties to help remove body fats and odours built up during those long rides. REVIVAL is enhanced with optical brighteners to keep clothes bright and colourful for longer. Super concentrate.

And when the work is done, keep your relationship intact with ABITH, the ultimate workshop hand cleaner. Getting your hands dirty part and parcel of cleaning your bike. The ABITH Workshop Hand Cleaner is formulated using microscopic beads that lift the toughest of dirt from your hands. Still wondering what it stands for? Allowed Back In The House.