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Bike care how to tips

How To Wash a bike

Right tools, right products, job made easy. The step by step guide to use Pedalit

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How to lube a bike

How to enjoy a fast super smooth drive train and protected components. 

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Answers to the questions that you don't want to ask on the Saturday ride

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How to ride in comfort

Which chamois cream is for you?

Every rider is different. Understand what each chamois cream does and how it works for you to remain in the saddle

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How to avoid saddle soreness

Every rider experiences saddle soreness at some stage. Don't let it spoil your cycling or restrict your performance, take action

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Why Hand wash

Performance sportswear needs special care. Think tight, fabric intergrity and colourful, with seat pad hygenie

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Our Athletes

Hanging out with these guys make us look cooler than we are

The Pedalit team

You want to know our story

We are cyclists, but there is more to it than that

It is who we are