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The Pedalit Guarantee

Bike cleaning products are not sexy, but a clean bike is. If our products don't make you sexy, then we need to know. If any Pedalit product doesn't live up to your expectations, just return your product within 14 days and we will issue a full refund. 

Wash Your Hubbard away

Nothing says Hubbard more than a dirty bike.  Say no to harsh and aggressive cleaners that remove the precious surfaces of your hardworking ponies. All surface safe, high concentrate, water based and biodegradable. Pedalit bike care.

Bling Me Up

Fathers Know Best

The knowledge passed on through the years. Wet lubes, penetration for general use and protection, chain lube that meets the needs of every racer and mile cruncher. High performance synthetics, and tips and tricks to get the best results.

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Stay fast and keep your friends

Show your sheriffs badge and lose your ride mates. Machine washing in aggressive wash chemicals of your high performance cycling wear compromises the fabrics and the fit. Say yes to hand washing in high performance sportswear wash. 

Keep my ride mates

The Best all day chamois cream

A classic hard riders chamois cream. Designed to stick like sh#t to a blanket and not leave your back side all day. Only premium ingredients to protect and promote rider health. A pure luxury product, but not at a luxury price. Buy direct and save... your .. 

I'm a Classic rider

The Pedalit Tips

Taking you from Hubbard to Hammer

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The bike is not just a physical vehicle

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