Premium Australian Made Bike Cleaning, Care and Lube Products

Bike degreasers, bike wash and polish, as well as all the tools to get it done. Use only the best in biodegradable, concentrated and all surface safe. 

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Products to Care For Your Body

There is so much more to being a cyclist than just riding a bike, the care you take of your skin, and what touches it, is as important as the ride itself. Our natural and organic ingredients remove irritation, speed recovery and protect.

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Why You Need To Handwash Your Cycling Clothing

If you showing your badge, then lock yourself up, and throw away the key. Everything has a lifespan, extend the life of your kit by handwashing. Stay vibrant, tight aero fitting and fast, and most importantly, keep all the fibres and threads where they are needed. 


What we gesticulate over when drinking red wine. This stuff fires us up.

Every Day is a Ride Day

Every Day is a Ride Day

Growing up in Auckland had the benefit of milder winters than Europe, but can match anywhere on rain fall. In New Zealand speak, it’s always pissing down bro. 
March 25, 2018 by Craig McMillan
Are You A Good Wheel?

Are You A Good Wheel?

Are you the sort of rider that is easy to follow?
March 05, 2018 by Craig McMillan
The Tired Mind

The Tired Mind

The tired mind, we put our bodies through so much stress cycling
November 10, 2017 by Charly McMillan

It's random stuff.. but hey.. not going for the Pulitzer here