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Something so powerful is also so safe, in fact food grade safe. Harsh and aggressive degreasers attack the surface, lifting a layer of the surface, that over time deteriorates the finish and integrity of your bikes surfaces.

  • Water based biodegradable concentrate 

  • Degrease bike without removing chain

  • Safe on all surfaces, including your handle bar tape, saddle etc

  • Awesome value can make up to 20 Litres

Safe on you, all surfaces of your bike and the environment. Once you use it you'll know why it is simply the best. 

1 Litre Value Bottle - Concentrate

Bike wash concentrate biodegradable Pedalit


Pedalit Bike Wash is a high concentrate premium bike wash formulated to lift dirt without attacking surfaces. Designed for frequent use on premium surfaces, Pedalit Splendor will keep your bike looking like new. 

An all surface, frequent use bike wash, Pedalit Splendor Bike Wash does away with caustic and aggressive elements like phosphorus and silicone that will damage surfaces. 

  • High concentrate, makes 20 Litres

  • All Surface safe

  • Biodegradable

As you would expect Splendor bike wash is safe on you, your bike and the environment.

1 Litre Value Bottle - Concentrate


Glory is an all surface safe bike polish can be used neat or diluted up to 3:1. Totally safe on all surfaces, including matte carbon, aluminium, chrome and plastics. Formulated for frequent use, it is your go to product for cleaning anything on your bike or gear.

Glory Bike Polish will protect and shine any clean surface for the ultimate finish, perfect to clean and shine your bike shoes and helmet. 

As a water based concentrate, dilute for spraying and spot cleaning. It is perfect protective wipe down before and after every ride. 

 500ml Value Bottle

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The number one pressure point between rider and bike, is also a harbour for moisture and bacteria, resulting in skin loss and infected pores. Rain, sweat and hopefully no tears."Hard' style Chamois Cream 

Natural and organic ingredients in refined Petrolatum base

Protection and comfort for your ride

Premium Australian made product

  • Organic Bees Wax 

  • Organic Calendula Oil 

  • Organic Coconut Oil 

  • Organic Tea Tree Oil 

  • Natural Eucalyptus Oil 

  • Organic Cocoa Butter
    250ml Tub


Pedalit classic chamois cream
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